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Belmont 16s


Breanna Yates B16s Digtial Advertising
Breanna Yates Social Media Mockup

In my previous position at Belmont 16s, I was the sole in-house graphic designer for the club. My role enabled me to design for the brand as a whole, whilst allowing me to create content for a number of sub-brands, such as sailing, gaming, and dining outlets.

Throughout my role I created digital signage for internal advertising, print design, social media, EDM’s, website content, and photography. I also had the opportunity to further my skills in areas such as video production, video editing, and basic animation creation. I thoroughly enjoyed creating various types of design collateral and continuously learning and improving along the way.

Breanna Yates
Breanna Yates
Breanna Yates


The Power of Print: Evoking the Tangible Senses Through Print Media


Breanna Yates
Breanna Yates

B.Visual Communication Design Honours Project 2016

Throughout this project I was looking at the status and potential of print design through the creation of a series of print artifacts. These use the sensory metaphors of the five tangible senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, to explore key aspects of the experience, design, production, and consumption of print media. Each sense was associated with a corresponding aspect of print design in order to create a useful research framework and also allowed me to relate each sense to a design artifact produced for my sensory toolkit.

This project has not only furthered my knowledge of print and graphic design, but has also allowed me to understand and appreciate concepts of user experience design in a unique way.


B. Visual Communication Design Honours Exhibition - Four Squared

9th-13th of November 2016

It was a great experience to see the project that I have been working almost a year on finally up in the gallery, but it was more rewarding watching people interact with it. To see the video I created that visually explains how each item in my sensory toolkit works please follow this link.



Yak Magazine


Yak Media is one of the University of Newcastle's student media channels and from April 2013 I  contributed as a designer for the magazine. This casual contribution lead me to become the Lead Graphic Designer, a permanent volunteer position, of the student media group, in November 2014. Working with an Editorial and Design team was a great experience in expanding my skills, not only as a designer but also as a team leader. This role has also furthered my organisation, communication and professional skills.

During my time at Yak Media I worked on numerous editions of the magazine, implemented the idea of using more organic designs on our blog and at the beginning of 2016  was involved in re-designing the magazine to it's new, modern look and feel. The new layout and design of this free student magazine significantly increased our readership, which we measured through the number of empty press points at the end of each issue and the number of times these points were filled throughout the two months that each magazine was out.

Before the re-design Yak produced seven, 28 page magazines a year, that coincides with the University’s semesters, on 80gsm, glossy paper. With the re-design, Yak now produces four, 48 page themed magazines a year, on 120gsm uncoated board for the body stock and 250gsm uncoated board for the cover.




Driving Infographic


This project was an exploration of personal data to create a unique data visualisation booklet. The topic that I chose to do it on was “How far I’ve travelled by car in two weeks”. My initial concept was to create a booklet that folded out to reveal a large, abstract map. For the rest of the booklet I kept a clean and consistent layout that was complimented by two bold colours, font hierarchy, white space, and balance. I really enjoyed this project and would love to design more infographics in the future.

Breanna Yates Infographic
Breanna Yates Infographic



Student Central Projects


I have had the opportunity to work as a casual graphic designer for the University of Newcastle's student communication team, Student Central. This has allowed me to work with a professional brand and follow its strict brand guidelines, while still being able to design creative pieces for the student population to engage with.