Graphic Designer | Photographer

Breanna Yates

Graphic Designer | Photographer


Design Projects

Many of my design projects are in a printed medium as I believe that creating something physical to put in someone's hands is priceless. I have professional experience in designing for digital mediums, such as signage, advertising, websites, and social media. I am also currently expanding my knowledge in video production and basic animation.


I love experimenting with different types of photography and being able to create a story through one single image. I enjoy landscape and street photography the most as it allows me to capture one single moment in an ever changing environment. I am also expanding my skill-set in food photography and portraiture in professional settings and creative experimentation.




I am a curious, organised, and ambitious creative with 5 years' experience in graphic design, marketing, and learning design roles. I encompass a strong and reliable work ethic, with the ability to problem solve and work to tight deadlines. I like to see the world as an endless opportunity for learning. 

I have completed a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at the University of Newcastle in 2015 and an additional year of study in 2016 to gain a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design (Honours). Alongside study, I have consistently volunteered and worked within the industry to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible.

I have previously contributed as the Lead Graphic Designer for the University of Newcastle’s student media, “Yak”. Working with an editorial and design team was a great experience in expanding my skills, not only as a designer but as a team leader.

More recently I have worked on numerous freelance projects and have been employed by several companies in various roles including graphic design, marketing, and learning design. This experience has vastly expanded my professional skill and allowed me to work alongside a number of inspiring graphic designers.


Photo Credit - Nic Roberts

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